Starting in 2016, I was very active on a YouTube channel I owned called “chooseandyTV.” When people would ask me what I posted on there, I always responded with “cringe videos.” I never felt the need to explain exactly what the channel was, but I will here:

The channel started gaining traction after I introduced my “Cringey Channel Review” series – where I found a YouTube channel that produced weird/ cringe-worthy content, then analyzed some videos and gave the channel a rating on “the cringe scale.” Looking back on the series, I feel bad for people I targeted. Most of them were smaller content creators that were looking to grow their audience. So was I.

Over 2 years, I garnered 10,000 subscribers and each and every one of them wanted the channel reviews, so I kept providing. I never stopped to think about the creators or the longevity potential of the series.

After a few years of posting, I wasn’t motivated to keep making the same type of content anymore. The constant “picking on people” got to me, and felt the need to move on to something new. In walking away from the channel, it felt like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders, but it also brought forth a feeling of sadness and disappointment in myself.

The channel did provide me and my friends with some great memories that I’m able to look back on, but it was also tied to negativity and a period in my life where my mental health and self-confidence was lacking.

As a way to officially close that chapter, I felt like I needed to make a film that goes in-depth into the thoughts I had behind the camera…

“A YouTube Special” is a reflexive Documentary that focuses on Content Creator, Andy P. It analyzes his first promising attempt at turning his passion for creating video content into a career. 

Andy P navigates the pressure that comes with a growing YouTube audience all while dealing with his own problems, doubts and insecurities.